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1st Jan 2020 

Well where have the last two years gone?! We are sorting our plans for the 2020 boat show season so keep in touch and we hope to be back with MMS plans soon.


2nd Jan 2018

Happy new year to all, we will be updating our events soon so stay tuned for details!


5th Sept 2017

We have had such a busy year so far and with our commitments to our clients we have now started to build our plans for the 2018 show season so stay tuned for more updates soon!

5th April 2017

Cricky, where has all the time gone this year! We are pleased to confirm our stand at this years Seawork 2017 is full and we have some great companies taking part. We look forward to seeing you at this exhibition in June. 

3rd Oct 2016

With the packing away from the SBS now complete our thoughts turn to the Seawork Exhibition 2017 we have booked a stand in the ship building and ship repair section so if of interest please let us know soonest

28th Sept 2016

Wow what a busy time we had at the Southampton Boat Show this year, with a change around in the halls also helping. All the companies on the stand noted a good level of enquires and interest in the products and services on offer.  

6th Sept 2016

We will be holding our annual MMS Networking event on our stand at the Southampton Boat Show. This year its being sponsored by TBAT who will be talking about the possibilities of R & D Tax Credits. Its on the 21st Sept (Wed) on our stand starting at 4pm, we look forward to seeing you at the show.

27th July 2016

We are happy to confirm our stand number for Southampton Boat Show is J254 and we are in the new larger Ocean Hall.

I can confirm the Companies taking part are:

Bucklers Hard Fabrication
Bungee Spongee
HP Watermakers
Nautical Equipment/AJS
Prop Deflectors
Quick Nautical Equipment
TR Fastenings


We look forward to a very positive show.


10th July 2016

The stand at Southampton Boat Show is progressing well, with now only two places left to fill. Our new location in the Ocean Hall stand number J254 looks really good for us also. More updates to follow.

20th June 2016

We are building the companies up now for our stand at the Southampton Boat Show, where we will be in the Ocean Hall for the first time this year, let me know if you have any interest.

16th June 2016

A great link showing the MMS stand working at the Seawork Exhibition

9th May 2016

Crick Boat Show 2016 - Stand V13 - 28th till 30th May.
Come and see us at the Show, we will have a really interesting mix of equipment on display, plus we can talk about the Southampton Boat Show stand options!

21st March 2016

We are now full for our stand at Seawork 2016 and are now building towards our Southampton Boat Show stand, contact us for more details.

24th Feb 2016 

The companies confirmed for our Marine Manufacturing Showcase Seawork Stand 2016 are as follows;

AJS, Bucklers Hard Fabrications, HP Watermakers, Osculati, Prop Deflectors, Quick Marine Products, Reach and Rescue, TR Fasteners and WiFi on Board.

These companies represent real quality and innovation within the marine manufacturing sector.

The concept of the stand developed from a need of marine supply chain companies to be represented in a positive environment, without constrictions and complications. We are independent and work as a collective to promote marine supply chain work in the UK.

Working collectively to promote manufacturing in marine, we believe the future for our supply industry is working this way to promote manufacturing and innovation.

Visit our stand and see the solutions we can offer to you.


10th Jan 2016 

We are pleased to confirm the following companies will be joining us at Seawork 2016.

WiFi on Board, Osculati, Reach and Rescue, Prop Deflectors, Quick Marine Products, TR Fastenings, HP Watermakers, BH Fabrications and AJS Technical Services.

The stand once again will represent a large range of the best Marine supply products and services. We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition.

We are now building the list for the Southampton Boat Show, please contact for further details.

4th Jan 2015

Happy New year to all, we at the MMS are looking forward to a positive 2016. 

24th Dec 2015

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all our companies and supporters, looking forward to doing it all again in 2016! 

8th Dec 2015 

We are progressing our plans for our shows in 2016, if you want more information contact us direct.  

26th September 2015 

The 2015 programme for the Marine Manufacturing Showcase is now complete following our success at the Southampton Boat Show, pictures being added to the gallery section of the web site.

We are now looking at 2016 and have confirmed stands at the Seawork Exhibition and the Southampton Boat Show, contact us for more details. 

8th September 2015

We are ready for the start of the Southampton Boat Show on Friday and look forward to seeing all of you at the show, great companies working together on a great stand.

14th August 2015

We are very pleased to confirm that a major milestone has been reached with the MMS.

The Southampton Boat Show starting on the 11th September will see the 50th company taking part on the MMS stand.

What a major achievement for us and supporting the industry.  

28th July 2015

Pleased to confirm the following companies will be taking part with the Marine Manufacturing Showcase at the Southampton Boat Show stand D045.

AJS Technical Services (UK) Limited

Bucklers Hard Fabrications

The Pontoon and Dock Company Ltd

Prop Deflector

Quick Marine Equipment

Savage Lighting

Sea Sure Manufacturing

TR Fastenings

Looking forward to a very positive show! 

7th June 2015

We have our stand number confirmed for the Southampton Boat Show - stand number D045 Windward Hall.

22nd June 2015

We had a very positive Seawork Exhibition with a great interest in all the companies on the stand. It was great to be involved once again.

Also, check out the BBC Radio Solent H2O show featuring the Marine Manufacturing Showcase from the Seawork Exhibition 2015.


21st June 2015

Marine Manufacturing Showcase features on BBC Radio Solent H2O show this evening at 5pm on FM or on-line.

Very pleased to have been selected to speak to the H2O team at the Seawork Int Exhibition about the work we do on the MMS.

19th June 2015

Pleased to have had a very positive Seawork 2015 on the stand, will update the quotes and company details over the next few days.

29th May 2015

We are in the final countdown to the Seawork Exhibition starting on the 16th June, come and see us on stand C95 and see the best of marine manufacturing and service supply.

6th April 2015

With the stand position now confirmed for our MMS stand at the Southampton Boat Show we are now building the companies up, contact us for more details. 

27th Feb 2015

The companies confirmed for our Seawork Stand 2015 are as follows

AJS Technical Services (UK) Limited

Barton Marine Ltd

Bucklers Hard Fabrications


Savage Marine

TR Fasteners

Wheatley Metal Fabrications

Looking forward to a very positive event for all. 


29th January 2015

It looks like we have a good mix of companies taking part in our showcases at Seawork and Southampton Boat Show this year more details to follow soon! 

21st December 2014

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from us at the MMS look forward to catching up in 2015!

18th December 2014

We now have 5 of the 7 places filled for the stand at the 2015 Seawork Exhibition so we are very pleased with the progress on this.

30th November 2014

To confirm we have two stands booked for 2015 - Seawork Exhibition (June) and Southampton Boat Show (September), contact us for more details.

1st October 2014

Great to finish the PSP Southampton Boat Show on a high with all the companies taking part having a good show, pictures being posted this week on the site. We look forward to seeing you at our next events.

18th September 2014

Very busy start to the MMS at the PSP SBS, pictures posted soon, good business being done! 

31st August 2014

Great news we now have a couple of extra Companies on board for the MMS stand at the PSP Southampton Boat Show, making this showcase the BIGGEST we have ever done. Company list as follows;


BH Fabrications


Makefast Marine & Safety Products

Megadyne Group UK 

Prop Deflectors 

Rapid Marine


Savage Lighting

Sea Sure Manufacturing

TR Fastenings 

Very Pleased and look forward to seeing you on stand D036 at the show. 

14th August 2014

Stand plan all sorted and 4 weeks to go till the start of the show, very much looking forward to seeing all the great companies taking part! 

28th July 2014

Final list of companies for the MMS stand at PSP Southampton Boat Show 2014 is as follows:

AJS Technical Services (UK) Ltd

BH Fabrications



Prop Deflectors 

Rapid Marine

SA Performance 

Savage Lighting

Sea Sure Manufacturing

TR Fasteners 

Looking forward to a very good show. Stand D036 starting 12th September!


17th July 2014

PSP Southampton Boat Show 2014 These are the current companies joining the stand in Windward Hall D036.


BH Fabrications



Prop Deflector

Rapid Marine

Savage Lighting

TR Fastenings

26th June 2014


Interestingly the Marine Manufacturing Showcase has so far helped 40 companies take part in marine shows which they would not have done without this opportunity, in no particular order;

Actisence, Blackburns Metals,Bucklers Hard Fabrications, Matchtech, AJS Ltd, Cooney Marine, Oval 316, Phoenix Marine, Flexicovers, Karanda, CJR Propulsion, PTP, SAP, Guardianage, Pro-Tech CNC, Reach and Rescue, Nicola Charles PR, Marine Resouces, Matchtech Engineering Services, Sea Sure, Simpson, Whittall, Savage Lighting, ASAP, TR Fastenings, Exalto, Osculati, C-C-T, Atlantis Marine Power, Wavestream, Triumph Motorbikes, Calcutt Boats, JD Boat Services Gailey LTD, Streethay Wharf, First Penninsula Marine, Trinity Marinas, Aqua Narrow boats, Eclectric Energy, Heritage Narrow boats, The Pontoon & Dock Company Ltd.

Join us at the PSP Southampton Boat Show 2014 stand D036

23rd June 2014

Following a really positive Seawork show, we are now looking forward to our stand at the PSP Southampton Boat show, more details to follow as the companies are added.


6th June 2014

Let the Seawork Stand set up begin! A really good buzz around the hall even though its only set up, looking forward to a very positive event!

1st June 2014

Everything lined up for the stand set up for the MMS, we will be on site at Seawork from this Friday so pop by and say Hi!

Very much looking forward to the exhibition opening on the 10th and showcasing the great companies we have involved.

21st March 2014

We have the final line up of companies for the MMS stand at the Seawork Exhibition in June.

The companies supporting the stand are;


Actisense® / Active Research Ltd
AJS Technical Services (UK) Limited
Reach and Rescue Ltd
Power Train Projects (UK) Ltd
Sea Sure Distribution
TR Fasteners


 21st Feb 2014

Good news for the MMS stand at the Seawork Exhibition, we have now 6 companies signed up for what will be an interesting showcase stand at a great exhibition. One space left!

7th Jan 2014

Very pleased to confirm that the MMS will be taking a large stand space at the Seawork International Exhibition 2014 between the 10th and 12th June. Stand number confirmed as C153. 

It has been great to be asked to this show and it will be a great opportunity for those taking part to present their company at a very busy focused show.

Please find attached the first press release in relation to this, if you have any interest please contact us directly.

30th Dec 2013

Pleased to confirm that the MMS will be at the Seaworks 2014 show in June. This is a big step for the MMS and we are looking forward to the challenge! 

22nd Dec 2013

Merry Christmas from the Marine Manufacturing Showcase, looking forward to sorting our show details for 2014 and sharing them soon. Many thanks for your support in 2013.

 16th Nov 2013

Looking forward to being at METS 2013 and having some very positive discussions with backers and supporters of the MMS concept to establish our show programme for 2014. Look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam.

29th Sept 2013

Wow where did the time go, PSP Southampton Boat Show now done and planning for future events already. We had a really good show with the stand looking fantastic and the companies involved really working as a true collective the vision I had all those years ago really did come good. Our Tuesday afternoon networking event saw over 150 industry companies visiting the stand double wow.  Thank you to the team, the sponsors (TSB and the Transport KTN) and for all the support from the industry. Stay tuned for more news soon! 

14th Sept 2013

Great start for the showcase at the PSP SBS. Fantastic new look stand a true collective with everyone pulling together and getting the benefit of that collaboration. Lots of good enquires for all.

5th Sept 2013

We would like to invite you to our 'UK Marine Manufacturing Supply in Association with the BMF' Networking event on Tuesday the 17th Sept from 2pm till 5pm on stand D022 at the PSP Southampton Boat Show 2013. 

The event will aim to showcase the companies taking part on the showcase stand and the offerings of the TSB and Transport KTN (who are sponsoring the Marine Manufacturing Showcase) to the industry. 

It is planned as an informal gathering of supply chain and boat builders on the stand, to meet, drink and discuss opportunities for business. Come along and see what's on offer.

The British Marine Federation will also be signposting the event as part of their apprentice day, enabling young trainees to meet with marine companies, also promoting the marine sector to them.

We look forward to you joining us on the day.

 4th August 2013

With six weeks to go pleased to see all sections of the showcase stand sorted with all PSP Southampton Boat Show online entries completed. Check out the PSP Southampton Boat Show web site for full details of the companies. We are stand D022 in the Windward Hall. 

3rd June 2013

The following companies have confirmed space on the Showcase

stand at the 2013 PSP Southampton Boat Show.

TR Fastenings, Savage, Flexicovers, Osculati, Matchtech MES,

Bucklers Hard Fabrication, Reach and Rescue, Sea Sure and AJS.

One space left don't leave it too late!

22nd April 2013

Very pleased and proud to confirm that the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) and the Transport KTN have provided the MMS with sponsorship which will enable the good work being done to continue into the future. Many thanks to both the organisations  who have trusted in the MMS to deliver it's requirements in the show environment for Supply Chain and Manufacturing companies. More news to follow in relation to links and events at the PSP Southampton Boat Show soon!

18th April 2013

We would like to confirm the following companies have committed to the MMS stand at the 2013 PSP SBS - AJS, Flexicovers, Matchtech, Osculati, Savage Lighting and TR Fastenings, only two spaces now left, don't leave it too late!

16th April 2013

Well good news worth the wait, we now can confirm the MMS has a stand confirmed for the 2013 PSP SBS show - Stand number D022 - Windward Hall. 

2nd April 2013

Currently resolving issues in relation to booking space for the MMS at NBS shows, due to confusion with other parties trying to do the same, all will be sorted shortly.

21st Jan 2013 

Well thats the 2013 TP London Boat Show completed and stand packed away.

Many thanks for all of those who helped create such a fab stand, you know who you all are!

The companies on the stand all had a great presence right by the main entrance to the show. With very good enquiry levels for all the companies the MMS exceeded expectations once again Thebasic concept of companies being able to be professionally represented and work together to better represent all the brands is working very well and will continue to do so.

We were back where the stand started all those years ago, in the main boat hall - which was a good place to start the process of change for the MMS.

Pictures of the stand appear in the gallery section of this web site. Please stay tuned for details of future MMS projects and opportunities.

BR Andy Sims.

17th Dec 2012

Well what a year it has been, many thanks to all those who have supported the MMS and wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.

Looking forward to catching up with you during the TP LBS, will be on our stand A275 waving the flag for marine supply chain!

2013 will provide more positive news for us all.

30th Nov 2012

We are pleased to confirm the support of the East Midlands Transport iNet with the TP LBS stand. They are supporting the MMS by providing resourse and display boards for each company taking part in the show.

iNets are organisations established to encourage innovation stakeholders to undertake innovative activities. Innovation stakeholders include small and large businesses, universities and colleges, representatives of the public sector and individuals with an interest in innovation.

This is a perfect fit with our reason for being! Looking forward to seeing you all at the show.

28th Nov 2012

To confirm the following companies will be joining us on the MMS at the TP London Boat Show;

Blackburns Metals

Cooney Marine



Marine Resouces

Savage Lighting


Simpson Davits

TR Fastenings

Whittall Marine Products

A fantastic group of companies with great innovation.

19th Oct 2012

I am pleased to give a heads up to you in relation to the Marine Manufacturing Showcase expanding.

As well as the two existing shows (TP LBS and PSP SBS) currently, we are looking at expanding the concept into two other shows in 2013, with more to follow 2014.

More details to follow over the next few weeks. Please contact me direct if you wish to discuss. 

Regards, Andrew Sims

16th Oct 2012

Come and have a chat with us regarding the MMS at the METS show in Amsterdam between the 13th and 15th November. We will be on stand 01.540 (Cooney Marine) during the show.

8th Oct 2012

Update on TP London Boat Show companies committed to joining the showcase;

Blackburns, Cooney, Flexicovers, Reach and Rescue, Savage, Seasure, Simpson, TR Fastenings and Whittall Marine Products

One space left!

29th Sept 2012

The events we ran during the PSP SBS have produced £3500 for charity, well done and thanks to everyone who helped and took part.

27th Sept 2012

With only effectively 3 months to go till the start of the TP London Boat Show the following companies have commited to joining the MMS stand

Blackburns, Cooney, Flexicovers, Savage, Simpson and TR Fastenings.

Space for 4 more only....

26th Sept 2012

A great end to the MMS stand at the 2012 PSP Southampton Boat Show. All the companies on the stand have done good levels of business with 6 already commiting to joining the MMS at the TP London Boat Show in January!

We had a really good visitor responce to the companies on the stand and the events that we organised for everyone. Many thanks to all the showcase companies and we look forward to seeing everyone again soon.

Also a big thanks to Nicola Charles PR, the team did a good job throughout the show period.

8th Sept 2012

Marine Business Support Day - Marine manufacturing Showcase Stand PSP Southampton Boat Show 2012

The Marine Manufacturing Showcase is very pleased to confirm that on the 17thSeptember on our stand D018 we will once again be holding our Marine Business Support day. Support agencies covering the Manufacturing, Training, Innovation and Grant planning sectors will be on hand to provide practical help and support to marine businesses.

Sponsored by Boating Business the event will bring together business support advisors from MAS, iNET, Growth Accelerator, FSB, Arizion Ltd.,with access to SEMTA advisors. The advisors will be holding themed surgeries throughout the day for which times will be detailed nearer to the event.

During the day we are also holding a get together on the stand for the Make it in Great Britain champions to continue the good work undertaken with this network.

If you require further information on the event, contact Andy Sims Marine Manufacturing Showcase direct or 07917275551.

1st August 2012

Updated and final list of companies joining the MMS stand at the PSP Southampton Boat Show 2012 starting on the 14th September follows;

Atlantis Marine Power

Blackburns Metals Ltd.

Combined Composite Technologies Ltd. -

Cooney Marine Int. Ltd.

Flexicovers Ltd.

Matchtech Group PLC. 

Nicola Charles PR -


Reach and Rescue Ltd. 

Savage Marine Ltd. 

Simpson Davits.

TR Fastenings Ltd 

Whittall Marine Products.

We look forward to seeing you there!

21st June 2012

We have listed below an update on the events we are planning during the 2012 PSP Southampton Boat Show for your show diary.

On Monday the 17th we will be holding a Marine Business Support Day (similar to that at the London Boat Show).

Tuesday the 18th we will be having our ever successful PIMMS Networking afternoon.

On the evening of Wednesday 19th we have the Leather and Lycra Charity Night once again which over the last few years has raised over 10k.

The Thursday 20th is Ladies day and on that day we will have a Beautician on the stand offering free treatments all day.

As always these events are designed to create a level of interest in the stand companies during a quieter period of the show, creating links between companies, trade and the general public. Full details of these events will follow, once we have all sponsorship in place.

30th April 2012

We are pleased to confirm the following eleven companies will be taking part in the Marine Manufacturing Showcase at the PSP Southampton Boat Show 2012. These companies represent quality and innovation within the supply sector and they look forward to your visit to the stand to discuss your requirements. 

Atlantis Marine Power

Blackburns Metals Ltd.

Cooney Marine Int. Ltd.

Flexicovers Ltd.

Matchtech Group PLC. 


Reach and Rescue Ltd. 

Savage Marine Ltd. 

Simpson Davits.

TR Fastenings Ltd

Whittall Marine Products.

23rd April 2012

Pleased to confirm we now have 10 companies taking part with the showcase stand at the 2012 PSP Southampton Boat Show.

2nd March 2012

Andrew Sims has been appointed both a Judge and a Industry Champion for the Make it in Great Britain campaign. The aim of the campaign is to promote UK Manufacturing and to raise awareness of its importance for the economy. The campaign was launched by Business Secretary Vince Cable. Andrew will represent Marine interests and this is a fantastic link for the Marine Manufacturing Showcase!

24th Jan 2012

To note the MMS have booked a 40 m square stand at the PSP Southampton Boat Show. Space for 14 companies and 8 slots already taken, contact us ASAP to ensure you don't miss out.

24th Jan 2012

The MMS supported by Boating Business had a positive London Boat Show, with many of the companies taking part recording higher levels of sales and enquires than at any show in the last 5 years.

Running a series of events created a good buzz on the stand and ensured a steady level of interest in the companies - The Red Letter day draw sponsored by Matchtech, Marine Business Support Surgery Day with MAS, SEMTA and I-NET providing expert advice and help free to the trade, our Trade and Press Drinks reception sponsored by Matchtech and on the late night 9pm show finish the Drinks and Relaxation session sponsored by Cooney Marine which also raised £250 for the Riders for Health charity.

Along with the events, we had some very high profile visitors to the stand including, the Business Minister Mark Prisk, Minister for education, Skills and lifelong Learning Minister John Hayes and John Cridland Director General of the CBI.

 23rd Jan 2012

Quotes from some of the companies from the London Boat Show stand;

"The show, in my view, was a great success for Reach and Rescue as I could spend some more time networking whilst the 'very professional' staff would talk to potential customers. We were surprised to see how our product was of interest to large number of different customers and we managed throughout the period to meet with some import decisions makers for companies that will potentially purchase reach and rescue equipment.  I would certainly recommend using manufacturing showcase stand for new businesses into the marine industry"  Jo Taylor  Reach and Rescue Ltd

'We are pleased with his first showing at London as part of the Manufacturing Showcase. The showcase gives us a unique interest value that others at the show will struggle matching.  Visits from MPs, CBI, Semta, MAS and INET to the stand show that there is a real interest in the diverse nature of the showcase.  This interest flies in the face of crictism of LBS (falling footfall), as we collectively have managed to increase the 'Quality of traffic' in return for our investments.  To make the showcase work one of the investments is time and energy and I would like to thank Nicola Charles and her team for their efforts. Cooney Marine need also a mention as the without out them the Showcase would not achieve the 'tipping point' of success and in particular the tireless efforts from Portsmouth's Poll regular Mr Andrew Sims."  Mark Edwards Operations Director  Matchtech

This year l decided to spend 2 days at the show. This would include a social event in the evening with the Manufacturing Showcase Organisers. Having networked on day 1 and then staying overnight, socialising and day 2 to follow up, I found whole Boat Show Experience much more beneficial. The Showcase stand is a great base to work from, invite customers to and then network with other suppliers. Jerry Howe  TR Fastenings

'The Marine Manufacturing Showcase enjoyed a high level of industry support. A great deal of hard work was involved with representing 14 companies. This paid off as all 14 received positive response from industry hardcore and public alike.' Nicola Charles Promotions in partnership with Marine Manufacturing Showcase

"I think this has been the best London Boat Show we have attended. The Marine Manufacturing Showcase really worked for us, renewing old acquaintances and making new ones. We will definitely be back next year" Graham Brown Managing Director - Sea Sure Ltd

'We have found that while numbers of visitors at the show have been lower we have experienced a significant increase in both orders taken at the show and the levels of enquiries. The Marine Manufacturing Showcase once again exceeded our expectation and provides a fantastic base to work from at the shows. The events on the stand during the show period added greatly to the experience'  Andrew Sims      Cooney Marine Int. Ltd.

 4th Jan 2012

Government Minister for Business Mark Prisk to visit MMS stand on Monday 9th in morning to chat to the companies involved.

20th Dec 2011

Please make a note in your diary of some of the events taking place on or around the Marine Manufacturing Showcase Stand at the London Boat Show 2012.

Following the success at the Southampton Boat Show, we will be running the Red Letter day draw again on the stand during the show, all contact info taken will be entered and then the winners will be drawn at the end of the show - Sponsored by Matchtech.

6th January 2012 - Alan Priddy to launch his round the world challenge team and boat. Drinks event supported by Blackburns Metals. 5pm till 7pm In Knowledge Box area supported by our stand.Press Launch

10th January 2012 - Marine Business Support Surgery Day with MAS, SEMTA and I-NET. This event will be very important for all our members as could be a way to get funding for future projects. From 11am till 4pm.Business Support.

11th January 2012 -Trade and Press Drinks reception sponsored by Matchtech. Our Major and much talked about networking event. 2pm till 5pmNetworking.

12th January 2012 - late night (9pm show finish) Drinks and Relax session sponsored by Cooney Marine. Networking. Starting at 6:30pm. Donations will be taken for the Riders for Health charity for those taking part.Networking.

These are all the events to date, we will let you know of any changes over the next few weeks.

30th Nov 2011

Full details of events taking place on the MMS stand at London available in next few days.

29th Nov 2011

Full list of companies taking part in the MMS at the London Boat Show shown in the companies section with the web links attached. This is the complete list as stand is now full.

23rd Nov 2011

We are please to confirm we now have 14 companies represented on our stand at the London Boat Show 2012, the latest company to join us is Pro-Tech CNC Ltd.

12th Nov 2011

      New QR code for Marine Manufacturing Showcase

8th Nov 2011

Marine Manufacturing Showcase London Boat Show 2011 - Stand D130

Cooney Marine in association with Nicola Charles PR are pleased to confirm the following companies will be taking part in the Boating Business supported Marine Manufacturing Showcase, which they have organised; Blackburns Metal Centres, Cooney Marine, Flexicovers, Matchtech, Nicola Charles PR, Osculati, Reach and Rescue, Savage Marine, Sea Sure, Simpson Davits, TR Fasteners and Whittall Marine Products. These marine companies represent quality and innovation within the supply sector and they look forward to your visit to the stand to discuss your requirements.


2nd Oct 2011

We have the stand booked for the London Boat Show and have booked bigger than last year. This means we have 12 spaces for this show. Those currently signed are listed on the company page, only a few places left so don't leave it too late!!

25th Sept 2011

Check out the Gallery page for photos from the PSP Southampton Boat Show 2011 and events.

22rd Sept 2011

We have been very pleased with the levels of interest and feed back from our two events at the PSP SBS yesterday. Over 250 people attended the PIMMS trade and press Networking event - Sponsored by Matchtech with all the major OEM and press attending, stand companies had very good links with all these companies. In the evening we orgainised the Leather and Lycra Charity night which linked runners, riders and those who like to watch to a drink meal and charity auction which has raised £3000 for Riders for Health.

Thank you all so much for all of your support and help with this day.

16th Sept 2011

PSP Southampton Boat Show starts, stand looking fantastic all companies keen to get going!

27th June 2011

Companies confirmed for PSP Southampton Boat Show 2011 are;

Blackburns Metals, Cooney Marine, Exalto Marine UK, Flexicovers, Matchtech Marine, Nicola Charles PR, Osculati Marine UK, Savage Lighting, Simpson Davits, TR Fastners and Whittal Marine Products.

Check out the companies page for direct links to the web sites.

26th June 2011

PIMMS Trade and Press reception date set for this years PSP Southampton Boat Show ----- 21st Sept starting at 2pm and ending at 5pm stand.All those companies taking part in our stand are able to benifit from this event.
In the evening after the reception and the show finishes we have the Leather and Lycra charity night also. More details to follow!!

23rd June 2011

Pleased to confirm that Matchtech have signed for the PSP Southampton Boat Show stand, more detail to follow.

18th May 2011

To confirm we have booked a large stand space at the London Boat Show 2012.

17th May 2011

Full list of SBS showcase companies to follow with logo updates and weblinks.

29th April 2011

The companies taking part in the showcase stand at the PSP SBS are TR Fastners, Blackburns, Savage Lighting, Flexicovers, Cooney, Simpson, Osculati and Exalto with two spaces still currently available.

26th April 2011

We now have 8 companies taking space at the SBS show, 2 more spaces left with lots of interest in them.

10th April 2011

We also orgainise the Marine Charity Night during the SBS on the evening of the 21st Sept. We can confirm we have Danny John Jules joining us for the ride and to run the charity auction. Money raised goes to Riders for Health. More deal to follow.

28th March 2011

Now 6 companies on stand for Southampton Show so only 4 spaces left to fill, we are really pleased with the interest so far.

1st March 2011

Looking towards the Southampton Boat Show we currently have 4 companies 'signed' up and are looking for a total between 8 and 10.

28th Feb 2011

We have just finished running the BMF Midlands Showcase Stand at the Birmingham Boat and Caravan show 2011 on behalf of BMF Midlands. The stand comprised of 10 inland waterways based companies covering a range of buisness from Marinas, Boat Building, Holidays and Parts/Services. We have had really good feedback from the companies and the show and would like to thank all those involved for their support. 

26th Jan 2011

Space booked at the Southampton Boat Show 2011 don't leave your booking with us to late!

26th Jan 2011

The following quotes are from companies who exhibited on the showcase stand at the London Boat Show 2011.

"This is the 3rd boat show in which we have been incorporated with 'Manufacturing Showcase'. We never considered that we would be able to afford to exhibit at the International Boat Shows before this concept became available. During the show our 'web site hits' more than quadrupled. Now we consider that we can't not afford to do the boat shows." David Gray M.D Flexicovers Ltd.

"Phoenix Marine Solutions once again joined the UK Manufacturing Showcase stand at the London Boat Show to promote Marine Manufacturing in the UK.  It once again proves that craftsmanship, engineering and manufacturing skills are not disappearing from our Marine Sector in the United Kingdom.  The continued success of the companies on the stand is to be celebrated, especially at a time when so few manufacturing companies remain in this country!" Elizabeth Noles, Phoenix Marine Solutions.

We were delighted with the stand at the London Boat Show, with visitors, enquiries and hits on our website all up on last year.  The principle of a group of like minded companies, many of whom are our customers, all exhibiting together adds real value, as we all play a part in the supply chain for boaters, boat builders and ancillary industries. Karl Weston, Blackburns Metal Centres.

Nicola Charles events manager comments: All companies made many new & existing contacts at LBS 2011. We had quality enquiries and everyone benefited from sharing our professionally run stand. Having had a government visit from Business Minister Baroness Wilcox and Chief executive at the BMF Mr Rob Stevens we felt very privileged to be considered and proud of our achievement. I would also like to thank all our members new and old. Nicola Charles PR.

TR Fastenings were delighted to exhibit at the London Boat Show in January 2011. By exhibiting with Marine Manufacturing Showcase TR Fastenings were able to have a presence at one of the most renowned Marine exhibitions in the country. Exhibiting with 8 other complimentary marine suppliers, TR fastenings were able to meet more potential customers therefore raising the profile of the organisation and our role in supplying marine grade fasteners, fixings and components with cost effective service solutions in the Marine industry. Abi Burnett, TR Fastenings.

'The drinks event was great, a chance to get to know customers on a different level, very high standard of visitors including top buyers from most of the big boys' James Cooney - Cooney Marine. 

'Once again we have had a major success with the Marine Manufacturing Showcase concept; with ourselves and our fellow stand members taking a high value of enquires and orders. The revamped show generated a positive vibe and can only look to improve on the current visitor numbers. We found the quality of visitor we had on the stand was very high and at the end of the day that's the key driver for us taking part.' Andrew Sims - Simpson Davits.

"Being involved in the Manufacturing Showcase has enabled us promote our products and services, giving us presence in the market with minimal cost and disruption" David Gray M. D. -Flexicovers Ltd.

 The stand certainly seemed to be busy for the majority of the show, being adjacent to the bar was obviously a benefit! Visitor quality seemed to be robust and I'm sure that we will gain some new business from our presence. The low cost entry onto the stand is an obvious draw as it enables us to attend the major shows with relatively little expenditure.  SIMON WOODPOWER - Oval.

21st Jan 2011

Following an extremely successful London Boat Show we have posted pictures on the Gallery Page and will post the quotes from the companies who took part very soon. We where very pleased to form part of the official ministers tour during the show and with the level of business being done on the stand all show. 

5th Jan 2011

Happy New Year we look forward to seeing you on our stand D05 at the London Boat Show, from Friday. Also to remind we have our drinks reception on the 12th at 2pm sponsored by Nicola Charles PR.

24th Dec 2010

Merry Christmas to all, we look forward to seeing you at the London Boat Show in Jan 2011 stand D5.

25th Nov 2010

PIMMS reception for stand members and their guests plus trade visitors set for the London show on the 12th Jan between 2pm and 4pm on our stand D5. More detail to follow!

23rd Nov 2010

10 Brands taking part in the showcase on London Boat Show Stand, which was our target.

17th Nov 2010

Liverpool Boat Show stand agreed see latest Liverpool show news for pictures and quotes or the hard copy of Latitude 53.

3rd Nov 2010

TR Fastenings have today signed for the London Boat Show Stand bringing us to 9 brands represented currently. See Showcase Company Page for all those taking part and link to their web site.

29th Oct 2010

Good news we now have a larger Stand at the 2011 London Boat Show. Stand number D5, more London show news to follow.

23rd Oct 2010

Whittall Marine Products sign for stand. Such is the interest we are in negotiation to move to bigger stand.  

18th Oct 2010

Simpson also sign for BBMMS stand.

15th Oct 2010

Blackburn Metals Ltd Join the BBMMS stand that's Boating Business Marine Manufacturing Showcase for short. Places going fast!

Oct 2010

Stand booked for the London Boat Show in January for 10 companies - 5 places already gone - Cooney, Savage, Oval, Phoenix and Flexicovers.

Sept 2010

Andrew Sims is awarded the MTA Personality of the Year 2010 award for his work in the marine industry and the work he has done to make the showcase work. Andrew commented that he was very pleased the work had been rewarded and thanked all those involved in making it happening.

Sept 2010

Companies taking part in the SBS 2010 report strong enquires both during and after the show. The following quotes come direct from those taking part;

"The Marine Manufacturing Showcase enabled Savage Marine Lighting to exhibit at the SBS for the first time, the showcase concept proved to be very successful"  Michael Grove, European Sales Manager, Savage Marine Ltd

 "Being involved in the Manufacturing Showcase has enabled us promote our products and services, giving us presence in the market with minimal cost and disruption" David Gray M. D. Flexicovers Ltd.

 "Being part of the SBS MMS stand, we achieved what we set out to achieve. This concept was beneficial and we would certainly recommend this to other companies" Shaun Wigley-Operations Director ASAP Supplies.

 "The manufacturing showcase us a cracking way for manufacturing companies to cost effectively get in front of the right target audience" James Cooney M.D. Cooney Marine Int. Ltd.

"Having started small at London, Southampton had to move forward and having Boating Business as our sponsor really helped us to develop and ultimately support the very companies we serve" Nicola Charles Stand Manager.

"Phoenix Marine Solutions were proud to be a part of the Boating Business Marine Manufacturing Showcase at SBS 2010.  We are part of an elite group of companies keeping British Manufacturing's innovative and high quality marine products in the spotlight!"  Elizabeth Noles, Business Development Manager, Phoenix Marine.

 "Thanks to Marine Manufactures Showcase, my new product had an introduction to the marine market, and I am in talks with International distributors, a great result" Colin Beale M.D.,

"The BBMMS stand worked extremely well for us, we were able to visit all of our contacts at the show, while being confident that any new contacts where being looked after by the stand, it was a great base to work from and we are more than happy to take part again" Simon Wood-Power M.D., Oval Stainless.

"An excellent and well received show, which proved to be a real benefit to our company, delighted to share with like minded companies" Louise Cain, Blackburns.

 Many thanks to all those who took part. 

Aug 2010

We will be holding a Pimms reception on our stand at the Southampton Boat Show on the 14th Sept to showcase all of the companies taking part and to be able to discuss future developments to both the press and the trade. The reception will start at 3pm on stand D018 and is sponsored by Boating Business, please contact us direct for more details.

July 2010

We are pleased to confirm that Mercator Media publishers and show organisers are to be a key sponsor of the Marine Manufacturing Showcase stands. The stands will be branded the Boating Business Manufacturing Showcase.

Peter Nash Editor of Boating Business commented 'Boating Business is always willing to help companies with their route to market, so when Andy Sims asked us to become involved, we were only to happy to help'

July 2010

8 Companies confirmed for the Showcase Stand at the Southampton Boat Show, stand number D018. The following companies have confirmed positions on the stand,

ASAP Supplies, Blackburns Marine Metals, CJR Propulsion,  Cooney Marine, Flexicovers, Oval 316, Phoenix Marine,  Savage Lighting.

July 2010

Stand Bookings being taken for the Showcase Stand at both London and Liverpool shows more to follow.