About Us 

A trial at the 2010 London Boat Show for six key manufacturing supply chain companies, was the starting point for the Marine Manufacturing Showcase.

The Companies involved in that showcase represented a cross-section of the UK manufacturing and marine supply chain. This has provided the model that has been worked and developed since. Industry has supported the concept from the start, providing funding and logistics which has enabled the MMS to develop.

The show stands are fully managed and orgainised, MMS provides professional representation for the companies during the show.

This enables the companies taking part to visit the show, but not be fixed to a stand, allowing freedom to network around the show area, creating better utilization of their time. Our team have a great knowledge of the marine industry and a wealth of experience representing a range of businesses both large and small, across a wide range of sectors. 

We currently have stands booked for the Southampton Boat Show and Seawork Exhibition. We are always interested in shows beyond these.

What you get from us is a space on a fully managed stand, company branded printed back boardsales literature space, small product display (subject to agreement of all companies), refreshments, meeting area, wifi, show guide and show web entry, future show stand discount at NBS shows, access to Boating Business news.

In summary all the admin for the show is done for you. The point is you don't have to cover the costs in time of filling in forms, setting up and being at a show for days, then breaking down again, you can turn up whenever suits you!

The rationale of the MMS is summed up with the following quotes;

'We are interested in SME companies who want to join us and tackle more shows, or companies who would not normally have the time or knowledge to exhibit at large shows independently.Above all we want to have good quality products / services and promote innovation within the marine sector and to increase brand awareness. We have created a collective of companies who want to become involved and grow.'    Andrew Sims AJS Ltd.

"For us at Flexicovers, as usual our involvement in the Marine Manufacturing Showcase was a great success for us. We enjoyed full representation in the show guides without a huge outlay or restrictions of having to man the stand. Interestingly, our web site activity triples during the shows, which brings a nice boost to our private sales orders at this time of year" David Gray MD - Flexicovers.

"The show, was a great success for Reach and Rescue Ltd as I could spend some more time networking whilst the 'very professional' staff on the marine manufacturing showcase stand would talk to potential customers I was surprised to see how our product was of interest to large number of different customers and we managed throughout the period to meet with some import decisions makers for companies that will potentially purchase reach and rescue equipment. I would certainly recommend using manufacturing showcase stand for new businesses into the marine industry" Jo Taylor - Reach and Rescue - Business Development Manager

 Once again the Manufacturing Showcase Stand was buzzing with interest. The companies exhibiting were very complimentary with each other offering the customer many supply chain solutions. The upbeat feel to the show soon spread to the inside Halls which only boosted the Manufacturing Showcase Stand. Jerry Howe - TR Fastenings Ltd

'Operating the showcase stand in this way ensures that staffing time commitments are minimal all stand information and costs are shared equally. We as UK Marine Industry have to create opportunities for co-operation for our industry. The link with Industry provides a stable platform for the concept to grow from, we can use their help to promote and add to the already growing support, to grow the brand in the future, looking further to develop at other events.'

So far we have helped over 50 companies take part in shows which they would not have done without this opportunity;

Barton Marine,  Megadyne,  Actisense,  Prop Deflectors,  Bungee Spongee, Blackburns Metals,  Bucklers Hard Fabrications,  Matchtech,  AJS Ltd,  Cooney Marine,  Sea Sure Manufacturing,  Oval 316,  Phoenix Marine,  Flexicovers,  Karanda,  BMF,  CJR Propulsion,  PTP,  Guardianage,  Pro-Tech CNC,  Reach and Rescue,  Makefast,  Wheatley Metal Fabrications,  Nicola Charles PR,  Marine Resouces,  Matchtech Engineering Services,  SeaSure,  Rapid Marine,  Simpson,  Whittall,  GES,  Savage Lighting,  ASAP,  TR Fastenings,  Exalto,  SAP,  Osculati,  C-C-T,  Atlantis Marine Power,  Wavestream,  Triumph Motorbikes,  Quick Marine Products,  Calcutt Boats,  JD Boat Services Gailey LTD,  Streethay Wharf,  First Penninsula Marine,  Trinity Marinas,  Aqua Narrow boats,  Eclectric Energy,  TBAT, Heritage Narrow boats,  The Pontoon & Dock Company Ltd, HP Watermakers, WiFi On Board.

We look forward to many more.